RFP: Social Media Marketing Management

San Diego 4×4 is seeking to have our social media marketing managed by an outside vendor until the time we can bring it in-house under a dedicated marketing manager. Located in a top travel destination, we prefer to use a local business who understands the culture of the region and the attraction it provides to tourists and travelers.

We are also looking to repurpose content generated for social platforms to be used for other channels yet to be determined. All content captured and created may be used for other marketing or promotional purposes and/or shared with our partners.

The four aspects we are looking to source out are: capturing content, creating assets, curating posts and converting engagements, for which there are additional incentives.

High-Level Goals

Our primary goal is to build a broad audience, engage with that audience and convert them to paid guests. This may seem like an obvious goal for any business, but we wish to do this through authentic relationships, just as we do in with our core offering: 4×4 Driving Experiences.


Brand Awareness

Our goal is to see organic growth in our audience. This will be accomplished through stimulating original content, strategic partnerships and paid advertising.

Success will be realized when we see at least a 2x month over month growth over the next calendar year .


Build Relationships

With increased brand awareness, we expect to see growth in content consumption and engagement. This should be accomplished by varied post types and engagement tactics.

Success will be determined when we see a consistent 12-15% post reactions, comments, profile visits and site clicks.


Increase Sales

Increased brand awareness and engagement should directly translate to increased conversions. Content that is on target should drive our audience to book experiences with us.

Success will be realized when experiences are booked directly from social platforms consistently.

Areas of Focus/Work

We would like to engage with a vendor for a 6-month period to start. This would give enough time to allow for growth, generate enough data to analyze each metric and plan next steps. The following outlines the work we would like to engage in each month, preferably with a single vendor, but each area can be sent to different or multiple vendors based on workload and specific needs.


Capture Media

Content is king. That’s the mantra that has permeated the web world for the last couple decades and still holds true. With that in mind, we need content captured on a regular basis. Photos, videos, b-roll footage, written prose, it is all needed.

With video seeing an 81% increase in use across social channels in the last 2 years, we want to be competitive for people’s attention and keep them engaged with us for as long as we can.

We will plan for one media shoot per month that should generate enough media assets to fill the content calendar. The content topics will be discussed each month prior to maximize the each shoot.

Monthly Budget: $400


Create Assets

We will need a wide array of creative assets for content and marketing. These assets will need to be stored in a central repository that can be accessed by vendors, staff and partners for use in multi-channel marketing.

Some assets will be used for long-term campaigns and others may be for quick sales. The expectation is that there will be creative assets churned out from captured media on a weekly basis to keep options fresh.

Creative assets will be requested either on-demand for specific campaigns or to ensure that creatives are ready based on the content calendar.

Monthly Budget: $400


Curate Content

The actual management of the content is required, whether it is scheduled or real-time, and is expected on a daily basis.

A monthly content calendar needs be generated each month prior, highlighting any special days, promotions or other days of interest and have content planned for each day.

Ideally we would like our weekly content to be a mix of:
* Short Video <30sec
* Long Video 1min+ (IGTV)
* Promotional post
* Actionable post
* Partner post

Monthly Budget: $200


Convert Followers

We have gone to great lengths to make it seamless for our guests to book our 4×4 experiences as well as provide affiliate incentives for hotel concierges and others. This is your opportunity to generate additional income based on performance.

There will be a 20% commission for each booking that is generated through our social channels. We have analytic tracking in place to show source as well as the ability for our followers to book direct from our social channels.

Quality engaging content should drive our followers to book, and in turn will send extra money your direction. Our bookings range from $249-$349, so the only limit is our availability!

Monthly Goal: 20 Bookings from Social @ $250 = $1000 commission

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